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How to Encourage Girls to Love Math

June 8, 2016 0 Comments

Encourage girls to love math
When it comes to Chicago Cleaning Service our cleaners are the best of the best. Women are poorly represented (according to Thankfully, we are not only starting to understand why this happens but also when the interest in this subject wanes.

First of all, anecdotal and statistical evidence shows that women are still battling gender identity role crises, even as of our modern day. Marketing and media can often point women in the direction of more caregiving and domestic jobs, regardless of the effort not to.

Boy Toys – Girl Toys?

For example, while shopping in a popular department store not long ago, the store had inappropriately (and infuriatingly, to me) labeled the toy section by “girls toys” and by “boys toys”. And I’m sure you can imagine what was located under the girls toys sign – yes, it was dolls, baking supplies, kitchen sets, and play-mops. Meanwhile, the boys section was full of fire trucks, construction sets, and Lego.

Who is to say that my daughter doesn’t want to play with Lego? And that your son doesn’t want to bake? And further, why do we need gender differentiation at such an impressionable age?

Stereotypes About Girls and Math

Simply put, up until a certain age, both girls and boys approach math, science and technology the same, but then at around ages 7 to 12, girls start to gain a stronger sense of identity, and become more aware of stereotypes – like the one that was plastered up on a sign at the department store.

As it stands, most times the ones who choose to pursue the mathematically driven courses are males. And while the number of women who pursue math is higher than it used to be, there is still an astonishing deviation from college to graduate school and beyond.

What has been discovered as of late, though, is that a person’s sense of place in mathematics is established at a young age, in elementary school. In fact, studies have shown that by second grade, the gender role in mathematics is determined.

This study also showed that often girls develop an opinion that boys are better at math than girls and that because she is a girl, math is not a correct choice for her. Of course, this can be generalized, as not every girl is deterred from math, and not every boy is encouraged. But these are only individuals, not systems, and within the systems there are problems.

One of the problems here involves the fact that simply put, some students identify more with mathematics than others. Luckily, if we can inspire them (especially girls) to learn and love math as early as six years old, we can help to break this cycle.

Tips to Encourage Girls to Love Math

Here are some things that parents, caregivers and teachers can do to get girls to love math:
• Get her around women who love math. If you are her female teacher or her mother, let your love of math reflect onto her.
• Find women role models who embrace mathematics.
• Do math around them and invite them to participate.
• Play games with them, such Sudoku. Solve puzzles with them.
• Talk about math everywhere you go
• Apply math in her daily life (counting colored cars, types of trees etc.)
• Change your own relationship to math from one of fear to one of love.

To encourage girls to love math, you have to implement a system and commit to it. It will take time. By developing a healthy and nurturing culture of mathematics at home, with the women in their lives, can change their view of mathematics from one of exclusion to one of welcome.

Signs of Skin Cancer

June 3, 2014 0 Comments

The warning signs of skin cancer are the most convenient signs to identify. This is because skin cancer layer usually exhibits itself in infrequent skin infrequent growths that are in simply vision. Although these may sometimes look like an easy painful or acne, when it is not able to cure eventually, this can instantly aware the affected person that something is wrong. In addition, most skin cancer infrequent growths often drip some liquid, hemorrhage, and crusting or scab over, which is more revealing signs that it, is more than just an easy development. These, however, are usually pain-free, which is why some people still do not succeed to report their case, resulting in late treatments.

Like all malignancies, cancer is triggered when the tissues are revealed to some exterior ecological situation. As noted, this causes the tissues, or more particularly the genetics in the mobile to mutate and become known as a oncogene. An oncogene encourages growth. In many situations of cancer it is not always obvious what the ecological situation or circumstances may be.

Actually, it may not be just one situation that encourages cancer growth but several different them making it more complicated to avoid the growth of the illness. In the case of cancer, the ecological situation is believed to be contact with ultra violet rays. In addition, the most typical resource of ultra violet rays that most people are revealed to is sunshine.

If you see a new development on your epidermis layer that looks infrequent or does not seem to cure or go away, these should be revealed to a physician. Although many skin infrequent growths such as skin moles are nothing to worry about, it is still best to consult a health care professional. When a development is cancer, however, you can usually tell eventually as they often change in size or shade.

The Most Risky Kind of Skin Cancer

The biggest kind of cancer is dangerous cancer. This usually types on the back area or on the feet. Although these are not regularly revealed to the sun, these areas usually get unusual but extreme contact with the sun, such as when a person usually spends an extreme period of your energy and effort at the beach without applying skin protection products. However, cancer s can also form from a current skin or freckle, so it is sometimes difficult to identify as well. Keep in mind that when a freckle-like spot on your epidermis layer is multi-colored and brings together colors of brownish, black, red, white, and blue, then it could be a cancer, not a freckle, which is just light to darkish in shade.

Experienced physicians who are qualified in identifying cancer can often identify its signs with one look. To get an idea of the full level of the illness, however, a complete evaluation of the entire surface of your epidermis layer will still be needed. Once some signs are identified, a professional will do a biopsy to figure out whether cancer cells are indeed current in your epidermis layer cells. This is the most certain way to identify whether the illness is current or not and to figure out its specific kind.

Effective Scar Removal Methods

May 15, 2014 0 Comments

Acne is known to leave some very recognizable marks. Based upon, on the concentration of the acne you experienced from these marks can be either a little bit recognizable or very recognizable. Frightening is also often triggered because you have selected at or intentionally scraped the area.

However, thankfully, that scar removal can be handled coming back your skin back to its unique structure. If you experience from acne now and then it is remembered that protection is better than therapy. According to experts, this means that you should avoid choosing or compressing your pimples, and keep your hands away from areas, which have acne. By compressing your acne, you are not only resulting in scaring, but also treating a lot of the contaminated matter further which gets worse the problem.

Over the reverse medicines for the treatment, pimple’s scarring is quickly available at your regional drugstore. However, not everyone can be recommended with this medication. A number of different scar removal therapies out there, including a chemical peel, which you can try, but after you have discussed with a physician. The therapies can last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and the treatment can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few months. Some adverse reactions of these therapies may include flakiness of the skin, dry skin, scabbing, inflammation, soreness, discoloration, and an irregular complexion.

Dermabrasion is one of the best acne scar therapies but only works for marks, which are nearer to the skin. During this process, the damaged skin is cleaned away using a special device with a rotating precious stone advantage tires. There is a more recent alternative to this strategy called laser device ablation. With a laser device, it is easier to control the detail of the transmission as in comparison to Dermabrasion. This allows physician’s scar removal situated strong under the skin.

Mild scar removal treatment

The best way to remove or cure more gentle marks is to use skins. These skins are usually different types of chemicals. These chemicals help to remove the top part of the skin, which tends to be the most impacted. Once the top part is removed, it reveals the inner more smother part.

In order to remove marks situated further under the skin, an effect type strategy used whereby a scar is removed via minimal surgery treatment. Skin grafting and suturing is required for this process.

This medical strategy removes the scar from strong within the skin by splitting up the cells. When the cells under the skin are damaged, it results in a blood vessels share right under the scar. The blood vessels clog then helps to type the ligament under the scar and levels it with the outer lining area.

Collagen filler injections are used to complete all the furrows and the fissures. The collagen makes the marks less recognizable. However, this way of therapy may only work for already less recognizable scars.

Many meals and foods are used for scar removal at house. Like other therapies though, reliability is the key towards better outcomes. These solutions take position over a couple of several weeks, and it is up to you to succeed.

Home insurance – getting a Home Fix Permit

May 5, 2014 0 Comments

Aside from determining whether you need to do factors on your own or to seek the services of a professional, you would still need to consider one more factor for your home renovation. You should keep in mind that changing anything relevant to the overall framework of your home needs to become known to your municipality and property owners’ organization. According to, to be able to get their authorization for remodelling your home, you need to ensure your home renovations and your home insurance are in good standing.

The first factor you should know about home repair allowances is the significance of obtaining them before your organized renovation occurs.

Firstly, this paper provides you protection in a shape of home renovations and home insurance. As a house owner, you need to make sure that all safety specifications are considered when remodeling your home. You can only do this by telling the regulators about your organized renovation and displaying to them some of the changes you are preparing to do with your residence.

They can instantly point out some of the challenging parts of your strategy by looking at the renovation and performing an examination before and after the renovation occurs.

This paper is also very essential for your home renovations and home insurance policy. If ever an accident happens due to the defective components of your home, your home renovations and home insurance provider might not neck the cost of the loss suffered due to such injuries. They would never cover any damage that has occurred due to your failing to publish to developing specifications and your failing to obtain a renovation allow.

What types of renovation need a permit?

Not all types of redecorating tasks need these allow. Remodeling that do not need to change any part of your house’s framework does not need to be certified by home repair allows. For example, minimal changes such as changing your windows and gates and making a barrier around your garden would not need such allow.

Meanwhile, any strategy to improve something in your residence that is relevant to its unique framework would contact for the need of a renovation allow. For example, increasing your windows, including new rooms into your home, and garage area alterations need to be recognized by your municipality through your programs for these types of allows.

The procedure of obtaining these papers is neither too boring nor challenging. All you need to do is know the right people to contact and become acquainted with all the specifications needed to be able to get an accepted allow for fixing your home.

You should contact your regional city government and ask them about the procedure of obtaining these papers. Tell them the changes you are preparing to do in your residence and the sq ft of land that would be affected by the renovation. After this, ask them when you could choose up your allow and visit them on the exact date that they told you to choose up your allow.

Skin Problems – Treating Rosacea

May 3, 2014 0 Comments

If you have red areas on different parts of your face like face, chin area, temple then you needs to know that you are suffering from Rosacea. It is mostly found in grownups between the age groups 30 to 50. Rosacea is most popular in females. There are red areas on your facial epidermis with acne in a state.

What are the factors for Rosacea?

Many researchers and research groups have given their opinion and tips on it. To avoid rosacea and its symptoms you must have to look for the primary purpose behind it. Rosacea usually happens due to long lasting contact of epidermis with sunshine and wind. Visibility of epidermis in sunshine and less intake of water that is clean for drinking can ignite off this issue and if no attention is paid to the primary cause or if the therapy is started without knowing its purpose then it can even intensify the case.

Ways to do Rosacea treatment

According to experts, there are numerous methods available for Rosacea treatment. One of them contains the combination of medications with external medications. These therapies are very efficient as it decreases ruddiness and prevent the itchiness and burning issue. When we talk about Rosacea treatment, the first and major think is that you should focus on the key issue that can create this issue. The primary factors for rosacea is using of alcohol, hot foods, extend contact with the sun. To avoid these problems you have to take some safety actions as if females should wear headscarf to avoid their epidermis from sun exposure whereas sun prevents can also be used to secure the epidermis from ultra violet radiation.

Another solution to avoid rosacea is to have nutritious diet and supplement. Those who are suffering from rosacea have lack of protein. Amino acidity is necessary for one’s human whole body to avoid the epidermis from many epidermis related illnesses. Usually a human whole body offers 94% of protein. A person who is suffering from Rosacea should take products that are loaded with protein and Vitamin K. You can also use sebum that has emu and oregano content. Other Medications include laser light therapies. It is another efficient method for Rosacea treatment. It skins and scoops up the scalp and it decreases the sign of acne and ruddiness.

Physicians also suggest special creams that help to hydrate the epidermis and revitalize the epidermis.

One of the efficient therapies is to take medications taken orally such as Oracea. These medications reduce the inflammation related effects. With such medications, you should keep in mind that the medications that are recommended by doctors should not be skipped or stopped.

You should ensure that you remain stick to the prescription; otherwise, this therapy would not be efficient. You should take some safety actions before the beginning of this recommended strategy to example medications or products such as multi-vitamins, stimulant laxatives, antacids and products loaded with calcium mineral or iron should be prevented soon after or before the Rosacea treatment drugs.

Employee Management Software

April 22, 2014 0 Comments

Many organizations, institutions and small enterprises do face numerous challenges especially concerning the management of their employees. Management of a multi-generational and worldwide labor in the times of inadequate skills is their major challenge. There are many employee management software systems which are being used to assist in the management of workforce.


Since the employees are the most valuable assets of any organization, they need to be well taken care of despite the challenges being faced in the process of aligning the corporate strategy of a given organization with the daily activities conducted by these employees. In general, the introduction of efficient and well organized scheme, employee management software, has made the application of manual systems in assess the employees’ performance to be a long gone case. I think technology development has impacted well in the business world today.

Employers today are also facing some challenges in the management of their employees’ time. According to experts, many technologies advancement have been so far made to ease the field of businesses, and are especially centered on employee time such as time tracking systems, using both the hardware and the software systems. With time tracking, all the log of each action and assignments, whether big or small, as well as completed in any time frame will be kept. The advantage of time management in this sense is to automatically minimize overhead in specific areas which include processing and tracking of every employee contribution and payroll just to mention but a few.

Employee management software such as time tracking software will provide the employee with an easy task of tracking the amount of time spent by his employees on various projects. Due to this time tracking system, the employer will be able to accurately record the payable hours and also do some modification in the workflow within different departments in order to maximize productivity.

Furthermore, the employer is able to visualize the actual labor involved when many projects are being undertaken at a time till their completion. A manual system which was used before, was time consuming and also vulnerable to errors. This made many organizations to embrace time tracking software which takes less time thus enabling the employer to use more time in meeting his customer’s needs.

Features of Employee Management Software

  • Organizing and maintaining all the information pertaining to employee
  • Tracking and maintaining a beneficial history, compliance reporting, performance reviews, disciplinary cases and actions, as well as employee certification or training among others.
  • Can run comprehensive user-defined reports
  • Easy management of electronic and printed documents

Uses of Employee Management Software,

  • Managing the employee records- using employee management software like Croner Simplify Online to find and view employee details as well as update them, is an easy and quickly task with minimized errors.
  • As a reminder- employee management software can provide automatic alerts of certain special days like follow-up employee or client meetings or training courses.
  • Monitoring your business- the employee management software is incorporated with an easy to use report writer and standard reports which helps employers to know the trends of attendance, absence and demographic profile of their employees at a glance.